We are striving to deliver photography & video making education in more effective, efficient & modernized way to meet the international standards through skilled professional teachers. Pentax photography school is going to set new horizons of teaching for the photography education which will also meet the international standard for coaching. Through Pentax Photography School we are offering workshops, certificate courses, diploma courses, indoor sessions, outdoor sessions, expert guidance by providing ideal tools, techniques & tips.



To extend the photogenic communication to the upcoming students leading towards professional Photography. provide up to the mark and latest education with the help of modern tools according to desired requirements of new age.



We are committed to extend photography techniques and products for a more natural photogeneses experience at maximum. We are to serve photographers, professionals, amateurs, media students and new comers in order to enhance their abilities for future exploration in photography. Pentax Photography School will also enable transformation of information, ideas and latest techniques of photography and video making